How to Win Robux – Guide for 2021

It is not impossible to earn or win free robux. There are various ways, methods and websites that allow you to do the same.
We have a full guide for you to help you score and win FREE Robux to make your game stronger than ever. Have a look-

How to Win Robux – Guide for 2021

Ways to Win Robux

1. Join the Roblox Affiliate Program

The most interesting part of Roblox is that it provides different and various methods for users to earn and win free robux, one of which is the Affiliate Program. This allows the users to share the link of the program with their friends and family. Once they click on the link or sign up to the game via your link, extra Robux coins are added to the user’s wallet.
If someone not only signs up to the program, but also does in-game purchases such as clothing items, weapons, new avatars etc., you will be rewarded for that as well and you might end up winning a lot of Free Robux for your extra efforts.
To convince other users for in-game purchases, you will find a share button alongside the purchase item. Once you click on it, you will get a personal referral URL containing the code for the item which you can then share with others and earn more.
Next, promote this URL on your social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook, which looks genuine and non spammy. You will end up winning a lot of FREE robux if you bring in enough new users.
Simply copying and pasting Roblox website address won’t generate any in-game currency. You will have to sign up for the affiliate program on Roblox and then decide and choose which item or site you want to purchase.
Click to know more about the Roblox Affiliate Program and how to join!

2. Design your Own Game

When you feel you are ready to take action, Roblox is the best platform for every developer to use. To design your own game in Roblox, you do not have to be a tech genius because the online gaming platform already allows you to use the required tools to build a solid game and help you out.
Creating your own game is the most effective and beneficial way to earn and win robux. Such games are designed with a basic skill set and you can also learn more watching tutorial videos. With every new user signing up to Roblox, you will earn some robux money.
You can create your own Roblox game here.

3. Using Referral Programs to Promote Own Game

Once you have developed and created your own game, you can now promote it through the above-mentioned affiliate program.
All you need to do is, after creating the game, share the referral URL on your social media handles as well as through friends and knowns to gather extreme attention. Once new users start to sign up to your website or start doing in-game purchases of items, you will start earning more and more robux currency on each sign up and purchase.
Sharing it on social media also has its perks, since you can get immediate feedback on your design and features, and this will let you know the areas of improvement in your game.

4. Creating and Selling Clothing on the Marketplace

If you are a fashionista, this is the best way for you to win free robux. The Roblox marketplace allows you to use your creativity and design various clothing items using customizable tools, before selling them wherever you want.
Gamers feel a sense of possession when they dress up their avatars themselves. There is a huge demand for clothing in Roblox including shirts, pants, etc.
You can learn how to create clothing for avatars which are up to the minute and trendy. This helps you to win even more free robux. You can create these designs on the official Roblox website where you can watch tutorials and learn.

How does a Robux Generator Work?

How to Win Robux – Guide for 2021

Many websites are scammers who scam users by giving them access to free Robux generators. Robux generators worked in earlier days where the moderators did not tend to give too much importance to such things. Now, with increased standards of the platform, you will not be able to use these fake promo codes generated by these shady websites to win free robux currency.
Roblox, on their website asks users to beware of such scam sites. Therefore, we are here to help you earn genuine robux currency through our website, Our readers love the tips and information we share to help then win more & more bux.

Is Roblox Premium Worth It?

Even though we shared various ways to earn Robux currency with you, the best and easiest way to acquire robux in through Roblox Premium. It is a subscription-based model, wherein, you pay a premium price and get access to the marketplace where you can create, design and sell robux or items at cheap prices. This Roblox Premium plan is also helpful in other ways, it helps you earn monthly discount of 10% on every Robux in-game purchase you make from the marketplace.
You can buy the subscription here.

Final Word

You can check above how to legitimately earn and win free robux currency. These are free effective methods which will only cost you a little time and effort. Free promo codes and game passes do not work anymore so instead try these ways and methods to win good amount of robux currency and make your game stronger and enjoyable than ever.
If you have any feedback to share with us, comment down below!