The New Roblox Creator Tools

Robox Creator, also known as the Roblox Studio, is what sets Roblox apart from other multiplayer games, as it allows users to add their own ideas. Roblox Studio allows you to create anything and release it to smartphones, tablets, desktops, consoles, and virtual reality devices with a single click.

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Roblox has introduced a new set of developer tools to build immersive, more realistic 3D experiences, detailed its plans to fully cloud-based its developer software, unveiled a new Developer Marketplace where developers can set their assets and tools for development to others; and more.

Via Roblox Studio, the company provides game-creation tools that developers use to build their own games for individuals to play. Roblox does not pay the developers for their job but instead generates revenue through virtual purchases that players purchase using the Robux in-game currency.

The company announced new tools to allow small developer teams to collaborate to create more massive games that can support hundreds of players.

The new toolset will provide developers with access to an improved lighting system, updated terrain, and other visual improvements, including support for the construction of competitive matchmaking games that match players of similar skill levels, the company said.

Roblox had previously discussed his plans for these kinds of visual improvements, which Product VP Enrico D'Angelo said were prioritized in order to increase the games' quality. At RDC, the company said it is also on track to bring all its Roblox Studio creation tools to the cloud. This will enable developers to collaborate in real-time, access their online development files, and work across computer platforms to manage permissions, versions, and rollbacks.

In addition to monetizing their games, through a new Developer Marketplace, developers are now able to monetize their development assets and tools, where they can sell their plug-ins, vehicles, 3D models, terrain improvements, and other items.

The company also noted its enhanced localization support for Portuguese, English, French, Brazilian, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Spanish, and discussed in more detail its recent Microsoft partnership.

David Baszucki, founder and CEO of Roblox, said in a statement regarding the new tools, "The Roblox creator community thinks of things we could never imagine, and their continued growth is our future." There is no denying the power of user-generated content, with top Roblox experiences achieving more than 100,000 concurrent users and 1 billion plays. We are committed to supporting our community of creators with the tools and resources they need to achieve even greater success,” he added.

Roblox has grown to become a $2.5 billion company over the past decade or so, with roughly half of U.S. kids aged 9 to 12 playing on its platform. Alongside the user growth of Roblox, its creator community has also been expanding.